Lecture 11.1 (Tuesday, April 5)

  • Quiz next week.
  • P3 postponed until Thursday.
  • Today: some more JavaScript. And deployment.


I have notes here.

I will walk through deploying animals in a fresh VM.

Introducing 'Hai'

I built you a new app to play with!

Hai is basically Yo.

Social Network Modeling

In order to model following, we need a many-to-many relationship. We can't do this with just a foreign key — we need another table.

So we have Friendship.

Friendships are reciprocal, and must be confirmed. We do this by modeling them both ways.


There is more nuance to creating a good user experience around removing friendships. A lot more work to do to get the details working.


The user page uses JavaScript to handle subscribing and unsubscribing

New Goals

Make the 'Respond' buttons in the timeline work

Then: start adding emoji reactions