Course Structure

There are several main components of the course:

  • Biweekly class sessions
  • Readings (from textbook and online resources)
  • Quizzes
  • Projects and assignments

Class Sessions

Class meets twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 AM–12:20 PM in Derrick 240.

Tuesday during the second week of class (January 26), we will be forming work teams. While you should attend class in general, you must be present for this class session.


The textbooks for the class are:

  • HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett (published by Wiley, ISBN 978-1-118-00818-8)
  • Javascript & JQuery by Jon Duckett (published by Wiley, ISBN 978-1-118-53164-8)
  • Flask Web Development by Miguel Grinberg (published by O'Reilly, ISBN 978-1-449-37262-0)

The first two books are available together under ISBN 978-1-118090744-3; this is how I have asked the bookstore to order them.

None of the books are formally required. Flask Web Development is a useful resource if you like having a physical book to learn from, or prefer to read two different takes on the same subject; however, the Flask toolkit has excellent online documentation, and all the details you will need can be found there. The Duckett texts will provide much more unique value. While there is good online reference documentation on the details of individual HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements, comprehensive learning resources that are organized pedagogically and show you how the pieces fit together is harder to come by. HTML & CSS and JavaScript & JQuery are quite excellent in this regard, and I recommend that you read them.

In addition, we will be making use of a number of online resources, including:

Links to these and additional resources are available on the course web site.


We will have 5 quizzes throughout the course of the semester. Each quiz will be written to take about 30 minutes. Quiz weeks are listed in the schedule; each quiz will be on Thursday of the specified week.

Your lowest quiz score will be dropped.

Projects and Assignments

The bulk of the work in this class will be in a series of team projects. You will work with the same team throughout the course; we will form teams in the second week of class. It's my intention to integrate the project work with the class sessions so that some class time is spent discussing the projects and material with your team.

These projects are supplemented with a small number of individual assignments.


Overall course grades will be computed as follows:

Component Weight
Quizzes 30%
Solo Assignments 25%
Group Projects 45%