Following is a tenatitive schedule for the class. Exact topics and dates may be updated as the course progresses.

Week Dates Topic Due
1 Jan. 18–22 Introducing the Web and HTML A0
2 Jan. 25–29 Hypertext
3 Feb. 1–5 Python A1
4 Feb. 8–12 Visual Styling Q1
5 Feb. 15–19 CSS, Hyper-Text Plumbing
6 Feb. 22–26 None P1, Q2
7 Feb. 29–Mar. 4 Users and Sessions P2
8 Mar. 7–11 Data Storage A2
B Mar. 14–18 Spring Break
9 Mar. 21–25 Introducing JavaScript Q3
10 Mar. 28–Apr. 1 Interactive Pages P3
11 Apr. 4–8 Files and Pictures
12 Apr. 11–15 Integrating Third-Party Services Q4, P4
13 Apr. 18–22 TBD A3
14 Apr. 25–29 Beyond the Web Q5
F May. 2–6 Final Presentations P5

Unless otherwise specified, each assignment is due before class on Tuesday of the following week. This means that the first assignment, A0, is due at 10:30 AM on January 26.

Key for the due column:

Solo Assignment (4)
Team Project (5)
Quiz (5)

This class does not have a final exam. We will use the final exam period (11:00 AM–1:30 PM on Thursday, May 5) for final project demos.